Thursday, September 6, 2012

Five minute free write about our adoption

Sweet baby girl . I don"t know you yet, but i love you. My arms ache to hold you. My love would cross oceans for you. Hold on little one mommy is coming for you! I will swallow my pride, beg for the money i need to bring you home, sell everything if i have to. My love will find you. Not bone of my bone or flesh of my flesh but loved and wanted none the less. It will take a village of people loving you to bring you home to me. No, i can't save all the orphans. But i can save YOU. I miss you my darling. You are valuable to me. You are a child of the king of kings, created in his image. Deserving of love amd family. I cry for your birth mother. That she lives in a society that believes she should give you up. That wont support her keeping you. She has no resources , no one to tell her she can do this. I'm sorry she will miss out on seeing you grow. You are a blessing. You will be a jewel around my neck, a sharpened arrow in my quiver. Hold on baby doll mommy is coming for you! Your Daddy is gentle, kind, strong. He provides for us. Your brothers are funny, loud, sweet, and crazy. We will protect you. You are fiercly loved. Hold on sweetheart mommy is coming for you!