Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Whew so much has happened since i last wrote! We have committed to our little princess you can find our family sponsorship page here and here is our only picture of our beautiful little girl
I wish we had more pictures! We dont even know what color her eyes or hair are. I guess that just shows how God can take one picture and one sentence " girl born july 2012 ds, and tetralogy of fallot" and make you completely fall in love! He can use that limited information to cause you to claim an orphan as your child. We have been furiously working to chase papers and complete our home study. It should be done by the end of next week! And i cant believe it but we are starting to compile papers for our dossier. which is what we send to her country in order to be approved by them to adopt and to receive an invitation to travel. We are applying for the boy's passports tomorrow and shipping out our fingerprints to the FBI. We are working as fast as we can to try to make the deadline for winter travel. This week we also got to have dinner with our pastor and his wife, and it was so encouraging. Our church is going to help contribute toward the cost of our adoption! Such a blessing as we are needing more funds for the next few steps of our process. We also sent out letters to some local churches sharing our story and asking them if they can help pay an orphans ransom. Please pray these are read by hearts moved by the plight of the orphan. Oh and in case you didn't know November is adoption awareness month and Nov. 4th is orphan Sunday. Would you consider sharing our cause with your family, friends , co workers, and church in honor of this? I know a little girl in an orphanage right now waiting for her mommy and daddy who it would mean the world to . I have spent hours and hours compiling papers, standing in line for papers, and filling out papers. I think i have nightmares about papers!!! But it will all be worth it when this stack of unending papers turns into our little girl in our arms. Our little girl home. Our little girl healed from surgery. Our little girl happy, healthy, loved, and part of our family. Please keep her in your prayers, and keep us in your prayers too. And of course please pass on our story and if you can, contribute towards bringing her home. no amount is too small, literally every dollar counts!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Incentive to Donate

If our chip in account reads 1,250 by 11-17-2012 i will pay it forward by overcoming two of my fears to help others. First i will face my fear of having short hair , i will cut it off and donate it to locks of love! Second I will overcome my fear of needles and i will donate plasma (ouch). As an added bonus we will make videos of me doing these things and post them to our blog for you all to enjoy! Just think your donation will help an orphan get home, a cancer patient get a quality wig, and someone who has been injured receive a life saving transfusion. Talk about your donation making a BIG difference!

Home Study

This last Thursday night we had our first home study visit with our social worker! We called on Tuesday to get an appointment and couldn't believe our luck that he would already be in Spokane Thursday and could get us in. Things went very well he was easy to talk to , explained the paperwork and process to us, and took a little tour of the house. We are pre approved and our home study is on track to be finished in 4 weeks!

Friday we spent some time at our bank getting paperwork notarized and finishing the stack of papers he gave us to fill out. Our next step is to order birth certificates for our family, marriage certificates, and the last 3 years tax returns, and get fingerprinted for the FBI. Things are moving right along!

Any donations would be greatly appreciated as more costs are coming in our near future. We also hope that in about a week we will have our family sponsorship page through Reece's Rainbow set up where you can make tax deductible donations to our adoption! Once that page is up can can share our little girl with you all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a father's journey

Josh decided to give everyone a glimpse into his journey with our adoption thus far, and at the end is a big announcement!

My Journey,

I remember the day my wife told me she wanted to someday adopt.  I was totally on board.  As a Christian I understand that we are called to care for the widows and the orphans, and what better way to care for an orphan than giving him or her a loving home.  I also remember the first time she said she was ready to get pregnant.  I was like "no way, we've only been married a couple months".  Of course her response was "well I'm ready, so I'm just going to pray that God changes your heart".  I can not express how firmly my feet were planted against this.  One week later I came to her nearly in tears telling her I was ready to try and have a baby.  Two kids later I can tell you God is good, and that I wouldn't replace my boys for anything in the world.  When our youngest is only two months old she then tells me she wants to adopt.  My response was "yes, yes babe.  We are going to adopt.  Once we are done having kids and I'm some rich guy and can afford it we will most definitely adopt."  Then she hit me with the whammy.  "No, I'm ready to adopt now.  And I feel like God is calling me to a  girl with down syndrome out of Eastern Europe."  I love my wife.... a lot..... but who springs that on somebody.  Needless to say I was again firmly planted against this.  I told her that if this was truly God's plan for our life he would need to change my heart.  And again he delivered.  I remember the week I finally gave in.  It had been on my mind for weeks.  I was taking my youth students through the book of Jonah.  For those of you who aren't familiar Jonah was called by God to go to Nineveh to call for repentance of the city before it would be destroyed.  Jonah, like myself, refused.  This is where I learned from Jonah.  This man did everything he could to not go.  Did everything he could to hide and run and escape God's will and God's plan for his life.  When I finished the book of Jonah with my boys I realized what a hypocrite I am.  See, we are called to care for the widows and the orphans.  I've known for years that it was our calling to eventually care for an orphan.  But why not a baby with down syndrome?  Really what it came down to was fear.  Fear of the unknown and the different.  Fear of having an imperfect child.  What I failed to realize is that we are all imperfect, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.  We are all imperfect.  There are so many children out there that will be adopted into loving homes.  These children aren't down syndrome children.  By saying yes I would be taking a child's life and saving it.  I'd be taking a child out of a foster home or institution where they are barely fed or clothed, barely held or rarely smiled at, certainly not loved.  And embracing them as my own, as one of MY children.  So God once again changed my heart.  Broke it more like.  I still held onto the thought that this is a slow process.  These things just take time.  I looked at probably 200 little girls available for adoption over the next two months.  Not a one of them moved the needle for me.  I told God to show me which child was mine.  I remember being at work and Brittany sending me the email with baby girl's photo in it.  My heart was like "oh crap, its her"  My head was like "no, this can't be her.  It is way too soon."  Not to mention she has a heart condition, I'm just not equipped to handle any of this.  So started the fasting and praying.  Britt already knew she was the one.  She knew she was the one the first time she saw her.  Fear took hold of me though.  I again firmly planted my feet in the ground and told her that God would once again have to change my heart and show me the way.  This time it was just not a matter of me saying yes.  This time I had some backing with the lack of financial support.  Let me tell you something.  When God has a plan he makes it happen.  Every single thing that I have been worried about has been taken care of.  The home study, the love offering, the insurance.  I'm sitting at work right now writing this.  I'm going to tell my wife that I know she is ours.  I have never been more scared in my life.  But I know one thing for sure.  I can not, and will not, fight the will of God any longer.  His will is like a river, the closer you get to the middle the stronger the current.  But even hiding on the banks eventually I'll get tired and get pulled down stream.  There is one thing left to do.  Baby girl, I know you are mine, my heart has broken for you since the first time I saw you.  I can not wait to hold you in my arms.  Daddy will be there soon to bring you home, wrap you in a warm blanket, and love you like you never thought possible.  I am sorry I've waited this long, but I promise you won't have to wait much longer.  I love you.

Yep you read right we found our little girl! we cant share her name or photo with you yet. There is still paperwork that needs to be completed but as soon as we can we will be excited and proud to show her off to all you!