Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home Study

This last Thursday night we had our first home study visit with our social worker! We called on Tuesday to get an appointment and couldn't believe our luck that he would already be in Spokane Thursday and could get us in. Things went very well he was easy to talk to , explained the paperwork and process to us, and took a little tour of the house. We are pre approved and our home study is on track to be finished in 4 weeks!

Friday we spent some time at our bank getting paperwork notarized and finishing the stack of papers he gave us to fill out. Our next step is to order birth certificates for our family, marriage certificates, and the last 3 years tax returns, and get fingerprinted for the FBI. Things are moving right along!

Any donations would be greatly appreciated as more costs are coming in our near future. We also hope that in about a week we will have our family sponsorship page through Reece's Rainbow set up where you can make tax deductible donations to our adoption! Once that page is up can can share our little girl with you all!

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