Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Whew so much has happened since i last wrote! We have committed to our little princess you can find our family sponsorship page here and here is our only picture of our beautiful little girl
I wish we had more pictures! We dont even know what color her eyes or hair are. I guess that just shows how God can take one picture and one sentence " girl born july 2012 ds, and tetralogy of fallot" and make you completely fall in love! He can use that limited information to cause you to claim an orphan as your child. We have been furiously working to chase papers and complete our home study. It should be done by the end of next week! And i cant believe it but we are starting to compile papers for our dossier. which is what we send to her country in order to be approved by them to adopt and to receive an invitation to travel. We are applying for the boy's passports tomorrow and shipping out our fingerprints to the FBI. We are working as fast as we can to try to make the deadline for winter travel. This week we also got to have dinner with our pastor and his wife, and it was so encouraging. Our church is going to help contribute toward the cost of our adoption! Such a blessing as we are needing more funds for the next few steps of our process. We also sent out letters to some local churches sharing our story and asking them if they can help pay an orphans ransom. Please pray these are read by hearts moved by the plight of the orphan. Oh and in case you didn't know November is adoption awareness month and Nov. 4th is orphan Sunday. Would you consider sharing our cause with your family, friends , co workers, and church in honor of this? I know a little girl in an orphanage right now waiting for her mommy and daddy who it would mean the world to . I have spent hours and hours compiling papers, standing in line for papers, and filling out papers. I think i have nightmares about papers!!! But it will all be worth it when this stack of unending papers turns into our little girl in our arms. Our little girl home. Our little girl healed from surgery. Our little girl happy, healthy, loved, and part of our family. Please keep her in your prayers, and keep us in your prayers too. And of course please pass on our story and if you can, contribute towards bringing her home. no amount is too small, literally every dollar counts!

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