Tuesday, November 6, 2012

our little beauty!

This week we got an awesome and unexpected surprise, new pictures of our baby girl! Be prepared for cuteness overload!
I think she has red hair!! Awwwww isn't she a beauty?! I've always wanted a little one with red hair and my mom who has red hair couldn't be more thrilled :)I am so relieved to see her looking chubby and pink! With her heart condition it is harder to get oxygen to your bloodstream so some babies with Tetralogy Of fallot have a blueish hue to their extremities but her lips, nose, and fingers look pink. Praise God they also deemed her as doing well enough with her condition to be transferred from the hospital to the orphanage. I feel so much better knowing she is in decent shape, but she still needs lots of prayers that she stays that way! This last week has brought two large donations from some amazing friends! We had about 1600 dollars in donations! We are so humbled, blessed and thankful! Also good news is that our home study is days away from completion and we have almost all of our papers for our dossier in hand and about to be sent out for apostille. Then they will go to Eastern Europe! We are waiting to get our state police clearances back and Josh's medical form done correctly. i will be so relieved when these papers are all done and on their way! i cannot tell you how many hours i have spent on the phone, in the car, and waiting in line in various offices to get these papers done. Some i have had to have redone as many as four times. No fun at all! but in one month we have almost completed all dossier forms and our home study! That is a pretty big accomplishment! Today i will head out to fed ex the first batch of papers to Olympia to be apostilled by the Secretary of state and then head back to the doctors office to try again to get josh's papers. Its kinda funny the mistake on josh's form is a miswritten code. the code instead of indicating whether or not josh passed his physical says he has been in a bus collision, not exactly applicable to the question lol. I made good on my promise to donate my hair and here is the proof!
I will also be trying to find a time to go donate plasma as well.


  1. She is so adorable!!!

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  2. Thank you :) we are smitten with her and cant wait to bring her home!