Saturday, December 8, 2012


Our Dossier is COMPLETE!!!! And it is en route to eastern Europe! I can't believe it!!!

On dec. 5th we got our approval for Felicity's immigration! That was our last document we needed to complete our dossier. Since there is still a small chance of winter submission deadline being moved to Dec 15th I decided to drive all the way to Olympia, Wa (12 hours drive time) to have it apostilled right away and send it out. If I had sent it in the mail like the rest of our dossier documents it could have taken two weeks to get them back and then shipping time to Eastern Europe. So in a few days we will find out if my road trip was all for naught or if our dossier will be accepted. If the deadline is not extended then it will be accepted Jan 15th.

Here are some pictures from our trip while going over Snowqualmie pass. It was a bit harrowing I won't lie.only four wheel drive vehicles were being allowed over the pass and there were long lines of semi trucks chaining up. I am so thankful my mom aka: grammy was able to go with me and Levi so i could sit it the back with him and entertain him. it would have been a rough drive if he had been in the back alone because little L HATES the car seat.

Well baby girl we are one huge step closer to you!! We have been moved to the "Almost There" category on   Reece's Rainbow! Our paperwork is all done and now we just wait for it to be accepted and to get travel dates! If you feel led to donate we would so appreciate it as we could be traveling as soon as then end of January and still need about 14,000 dollars. We are in need of a Christmas miracle :)

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