Monday, June 24, 2013

After the first visit

The Next day we woke up so excited to get to see Stefanya again and thinking we would get a longer visit. Unfortunately we got a call from our facilitator telling us the hospital would not allow us to visit. They said they had made an exception to let us meet her but since we had no rights to her and we not her parents yet we couldn't visit. we were so down. i cried i couldn't help it i was so upset. Our facilitator told us we wouldn't be allowed to see her until she was transferred back to the orphanage. we had no idea when that would be and they still hadn't told our facilitator why she was in the hospital. (she had already been discharged after surgery, so it wasn't because of her heart) . our first visit was march 6th. We didn't end up getting to see her again until march 19th! it was so so so hard to be sitting there half a world away from home  and in the same city as Stefanya and not be allowed to see her. finally our facilitator got angry lol no one was giving us straight answers so she called us one morning and said get ready to leave we are going to the hospital and we WILL get some answers!

We got there and she began to argue with i the staff i dont know if they were doctors nurses , probably both. She got them to bring Stef to us while they "talked" .  She basically told them look we have court in a few days. How can we tell a judge that they are bonded to her or understand all that she requires as far as care when they have only met her once for 10 minutes. They ended up agreeing to us having one one hour visit per day, supervised by a nurse. And heck that was better than nothing.

Our visits were in a tiny office in the hospital so the nurse supervising us was only a couple feet away from us which was kinda awkward but what can you do? They made us wear these cape type drapes, booties over our shoes, and face masks every visit. i suspect that Stef was being sedated because she could never stay awake more than 10-15 minutes of our visits so i would sing her lullabies and rock her and josh and i would take turns holding her. She was doing a bit of stimming during these visits. She would hit herself in the face and would chew on her hand until it was red and raw. She didn't do it much when we were there, probably because she was interested by us and because she slept alot. i suspect she did it more when we weren't around. Our court date was set for march 22nd.

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