Monday, July 15, 2013

friends along the way

Thinking back on our time spent over there i am so thankful for the people we met along the way. Like Nate and his wife Deanna. They are missionaries over there, Nate is from the states and his wife is Ukrainian. they were so nice and so helpful. they took us to the Ukrainian buffet for the first time and told us what everything was.( oh my goodness it is sooo good, and so cheap!) we ended up eating there a lot. And Nate took us to the open air market, which is massive. And he helped us haggle over prices and buy warmer coats and boots. And how can i forget , he introduced us to Mc Donalds fried cherry pies! (delish) It was so nice being able to talk to them in english, when your homesick it really makes a difference! They also invited us to dinner at their home and we got to hear about their hopes for their future work. They are dedicated to building relationships with orphans in their city. They visit them in the hospital, teach them english, teach them about Christ, and love on them. Their dream is to have a home where they can take in orphans who have aged out of the system and raise them up. Teach them to be independent and productive, give them a safe place to stay, and give the emotional support they need. AMAZING people!

And Simon who is the liason in Ukraine for The International Children's Heart Foundation. ICHF performed Stef's heart surgery and did an amazing job.She very likely wouldn't have lived long enough for us to get to her without them performing her surgery. They organize medical missions all over the world and perform life saving heart surgeries free of charge. All of the surgeons and nurses volunteer their time and surgeries are paid for by donations made to ICHF. You can learn more about them here as well as donate. It is an amazing cause. Simon is an Englishman and his wife Luda is Ukrainian. they were so welcoming to us. Simon was so kind as to take us to the hospital where stef had her surgery and give us a tour and Luda helped us with translating.

Like i said when you are homesick and so far away from home for so long it is sanity saving to have kind people like these placed in your path!

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